Avalon Architectural, Inc. is a boutique architectural design firm based in southern California. Though our primary focus is custom residential, we have experience in a multitude of project types – including commercial, retail, private car showrooms, tenant-improvements, hospitality, multi-family and master planning. The majority of our projects are located in California and Nevada, from the coast to the hills to the desert. We are built upon the intentional balance of seven key principles.

    1. Client-focused design philosophy
    2. Artistic, innovative mindset
    3. Commitment to customer service and responsiveness
    4. Team-oriented approach to design and construction
    5. Attention to detail
    6. Site-specific design emphasis
    7. Value analysis
Client-focused design philosophy – We pride ourselves on being good listeners, operating on the premise that at the core of every great home is the client’s unique objectives. We are easy to work with, without overgrown egos. We won’t be trying to push any design aesthetic on you. As you can see from the sample of our projects, we don’t specialize in any one style; every project is unique as every client is unique. The success of our approach is evidenced in the fact that we have many repeat clients.

Artistic, innovative mindset – We see architecture as the blend of art and technology. Every project is both beautiful and functional. We apply critical problem-solving skills developed over years of practice with an intuitive design sense – balancing massing, function, light, shadow, openness, materiality, color, etc. We are constantly learning.

Commitment to customer service and responsiveness – We believe in the importance of active communication. We are intentional about the number of projects we take on so we give each project the attention it deserves. This is typically most evident during construction when the contractor requires timely answers. You will have the involvement of one or both of the partners for the duration of your project. We don’t take your decision to work with us lightly; we are committed to the success of your project. Please see our client and contractor testimonials for further evidence of our level of service.

Team-oriented approach to design and construction – We have a proven process for the successful completion of your project. It starts by assembling a team from the beginning – architect, builder and consultants (interior designer, engineers, landscape architect, etc.). We help guide the whole process. We respect everyone and are intent on making the process smooth and fun. We treat people fairly; we are realistic; we encourage; we earn our clients’ and colleagues’ trust and build relationships. We are in it for the long haul. Please see our client and contractor testimonials for further evidence of our level of service.

Attention to detail – We believe in the importance of managing all of the small things that lead to the success of the whole. This starts with having organizational systems and procedures for project development. We take extra care in reviewing and coordinating consultant drawings. We provide extensive details to explain the myriad conditions of the project. We make note and keep track of the little requests that make the home truly custom.

Site-specific design emphasis – Every project site is unique and should be treated as such. We start every project with a thorough analysis of the site (with the client’s involvement) to understand the important features, views, topography, constraints, etc. We want each architectural creation to embrace the site’s surroundings and stand the test of time.

Value analysis – We believe that good design should also be a good value. We analyze “cost vs. benefit” in all our decisions, whether we are evaluating material selections, building systems or potential project sites. Regardless of project budget, we believe in efficient and cost-effective design solutions.